Founded in the year 2002, K C REDDY MARRIAGE BUREAU PVT LTD is a registered company under the Companies Act providing quality solutions to members. Under the inspiring leadership of K C REDDY, the bureau has evolved into a leading name of its kind in India.

Meant exclusively for the Reddy community, the bureau has sound expertise and experience of more than a decade. This has placed us well to provide the best suitable matches for marriage aspirants with success as well as honesty. Today, we have made a name for ourselves by providing result-oriented services to many well established families with in the Reddy community.

All profiles are maintained and all services are discharged with utmost confidentiality by K C REDDY himself. The entire process is taken care of by K C Reddy himself. Under his guidance, the K C REDDY MARRIAGE BUREAU PVT LTD approaches each task with commitment and in systematic and cultured manner. This approach has helped us to discharge our services in a dignified manner and earned the respect of our members.

Our goal is to help marriage aspirants realize their dream in a happy and successful manner.