• A Paid member can avail our services for one year duration.
  • Registration Fees once paid will not be transferable or refundable as well.
  • Photos given must be recently taken.
  • The Details of the member should be given by their parents or the guardian of the person. The details given should be real and genuine, if not the member will be responsible.
  • KCREDDY MARRIAGE BUREAU PVT LTD is not responsible for false data given by the member. In addition, we will not be involved in any type of financial negotiations nor are we willing to involve in any personal aspects like property, cash, gold, etc.
  • Once member’s marriage is settled, the same must be intimated to us immediately. This way, we can delete member’s profile from the databank
  • The Member’s confidential profile will not be disclosed to anyone except with the consent of the member.
  • K C REDDY MARRIAGE BUREAU PVT LTD reserves the right to refuse any application for registration OR terminate an existing profile, if information given is proved false or misused.
  • A member who is divorced or widowed should compulsory mention the same in the application form.
  • K C REDDY MARRIAGE BUREAU PVT LTD reserves all rights to amend any existing terms and conditions without any prior notice.

NOTE:   All members, new and existing, should seek a prior appointment to meet Mr.K.C.Reddy in office.